Will Morgan

About Will Morgan

Will Morgan can be heard throughout the US and internationally. Mostly recognized for his work on the World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles and New York, Will's 30 years of experience have made him one of the most sought out voices and producers in the industry.

Having also voiced for tv and film- Will has partnered with Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Fox and many other networks.

Work Experience

  • Former imaging director and voice of the world famous KROQ. Responsible for all on air station promos, jingles, ID’s and branding elements

  • Founder and creater of Groove Tools, an online imaging service for stations around the world.

  • Worked with major corporate sponsors while leading the way to create effective marketing ideas for a savvy demographic.

  • Clients include Disney, Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, Interscope Records, Universal Studios and many non-profit organizations such as Para Los Ninos and the Surf Rider Foundation.

  • Will Morgan studios are based in Los Angeles. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA, BMI and ASCAP.

  • His craft has propelled him to the top of the voice over/production world.